Create Innovation is a UK based organisation specialising in innovation research, knowledge exchange and training. We support commercial, educational and non-for-profit organisations in identifying and developing the social and cultural practices that enable the creation of innovative products, services and processes.

Innovations are driven by people and ideas, but people and ideas do not exist in a vacuum. The material environments in which they exist, and the social and cultural practices that they participate in, are all integral to understanding how ideas are generated and how they are given the opportunity to succeed as innovations.

Our research programmes, workshops and seminars utilise methods from the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences to provide our clients with the necessary tools and strategies to explore diverse social and material environments in the process of developing innovative practices.

We offer full or half day workshops and bespoke seminar programmes that provide training, coaching and practical tools to support individuals, teams and organisations in the process of identifying and understanding the social, cultural and material factors that both hinder and promote the development of innovation.

If you would like more information, or would like to discuss any of our current research projects, training workshops or seminar programmes then please get in touch, we will be more than happy to talk to you.